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On World Dream, guests can explore the world’s finest on one ship, with an exciting array of Asian and international dining, iconic global brand experiences and diverse entertainment options – All whilst visiting some of Asia’s most inspiring destinations. 

World Dream with the total length 335 meters and 150,695 ton vessel provides 1,686 Staterooms; able to carry 3,376 guests. It also has a 100% fresh Air Ventilation system design. 

World Dream Waterslide Park

World Dream also offers a variety of different cuisines which includes Asian cuisine as well as international cuisines. On board, we also have iconic global brand experience and guests are able to enjoy diverse entertainment options as well.

World Dream Kitchen

Our cruises are also Muslim friendly, Offering Musholla’s as well as halal dining for our Muslim guests. 

World Dream Prayer
Word Dream Couple eating Halal-certified meal
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