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  • Winter Ski Fun 20/2/2020. From the onset of inquiries, bookings, and the trip itself, it was such a pleasant experience. Miza handled all our inquiries and bookings. Her prompt responses and professional advice and services are a testament to the high service standards set by Dreamcation. Our tour group, managed by Christine (Tour Leader) and Arun (Tour Guide), was a close-knitted and loving bunch. From being strangers to friends, our camaraderie was further encouraged by the awesome leads of Christine and Arun. We travelled with our 20 mth old daughter. But the patience and tolerance of the group, Christine and Arun set our hearts at ease. Our little one made lots of new uncles, aunties, and grandparents.
    Suhaimi N Mirah
    6 Mar 2020
  • Saya amat berpuas hati dengan cara Dreamcation melayan pelanggannya. Saya beserta suami dan pasangan adik saya membuat tempahan untuk ke Turkey pada bulan Disember 2019 utk 4 orang. Tetapi malangnya adik saya jatuh sakit. Dia adalah orang kuat kami berempat kerana suami saya perlukan sokongannya. Kami terpaksa membatalkan niat kami dan merujuk kepada pegawai Dreamcation. Alhamdulillah pihak Dreamcation sangat prihatin dan dapat memulangkan pembayaran penuh yang telah dibuat. Terima kasih kepada Hidayah kerana menolong kami. Syabas! Insya'Allah di lain masa kami akan melanggani Dreamcation!
    Saedah Bte Hamidon
    11 Feb 2020
  • Had an enjoyable time on Balkans & Venice trip (20 Dec 2019 till 1 Jan 2020) with the superb guide, Sam Yap. Sam has been very accommodating with our needs & made great recommendations along the way. Didn't feel like coming home after seeing Tekija Blagaj, Lake Bled & Venice! I've chosen the right tour agency after trying to go to Balkans twice. Kudos to Sam Yap & the driver that drove us all over Europe.
    Nora Haron
    15 Jan 2020

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